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Defected Broadcasting House: 24/7 live – the home of all things Defected

Defected Records is renowned for its innovative approach and commitment to quality music.

Defected Records is celebrating 25 years in the game, with no signs of slowing down. Driven by a relentless desire to evolve and deepen connections with their audience, Defected Records sought a robust and dynamic streaming solution. This led them to partner with StreamPush, the leader in 24/7 live stream technology.

The independent House music specialists, voted 'Best Record Label' at the BBC Radio 1 Dance Awards, are scheduling diverse content on both the YouTube and Twitch platforms, including mixes, archive sets, live streams, and playlists. The goal is to engage their global audience continuously and effectively.

Defected Records choose StreamPush for its unparalleled expertise in the field, and the platform offered everything they needed. StreamPush's reputation as the 'best in the biz' was a significant factor in this decision.

Channel: House Music Live, 24/7 - Defected Broadcasting House. Watch on YouTube
Defected Records - Defected Broadcasting House

User-friendly interface and reliable streaming

The most frequently used features include video content uploading, playlist creation, and advanced scheduling. The interface’s user-friendliness and the ability to stream both live and on-demand content significantly enhanced their operational efficiency. Defected also highly valued the support team's responsiveness and their openness to integrating new ideas.

Measurable successes: over 2 years of global reach

Since adopting StreamPush, Defected runs a 24/7 live stream, now over two years and counting, marking a significant milestone in continuous global engagement. The support team played an instrumental role in achieving this milestone. The live stream alone has generated over a million views annually, a testament to its success and global reach.

“Choosing StreamPush was a decision that set Defected Records apart. Known as the best in the business, StreamPush met all our needs and more. Thanks to their easy-to-use interface and the option to stream both live and on-demand content, we've been running a 24/7 music stream on YouTube and Twitch smoothly and without hassle for over two years. We've garnered over a million live views yearly, a testament to their robust and reliable service. The team has been quick to assist, making StreamPush a crucial part of our streaming success.”

Chris Davies
Chris Davies
Head of Defected Broadcasting House

Defected app with audio-only stream

The 24/7 Defected Broadcasting House live stream is also available as an audio-only stream in the Defected app and website, with the ability to tune in while browsing and switching seamlessly between existing applications. To make this work, Defected uses the Icecast destination to stream an audio-only live feed from StreamPush to their Icecast server. StreamPush dynamically updates the ’Now playing’ track metadata to Icecast, which is visible in the app as well, and stores the Icecast concurrent listeners statistics for further analysis. Defected is going the extra mile by integrating the upcoming broadcast schedule as well.

Listen to the audio-only stream in the Defected app

New Year's Eve with Defected: a global celebration

A standout event in our partnership was the unprecedented New Year's Eve livestream, spanning five continents over 24 hours. Defected streamed NYE from Australia, Thailand, South Africa, the USA, and the UK, and StreamPush helped with the logistics planning, offering solutions beyond their usual scope. The event ran smoothly, showcasing the power of StreamPush in managing and switching between multiple global events to provide a continuous stream to viewers worldwide.

“On NYE, we ran an unprecedented live stream from five continents over 24 hours. Streaming sets from Australia, Thailand, South Africa, the USA, and the UK. StreamPush was instrumental in the logistics, even suggesting solutions outside their platform. We smoothly ran all five events simultaneously on YouTube to provide a constant live stream. The result: a continuous, uninterrupted stream, making our NYE event a global success story.”

Chris Davies, Head of Defected Broadcasting House

Recommendation: a partner for growth and innovation

With unwavering enthusiasm, Defected Records endorses StreamPush to fellow record labels and artists, praising its user-friendly platform, dedicated support team, and cutting-edge solutions. The platform enabled Defected Records to expand its global reach and has also been a partner in their journey towards pioneering the future of 24/7 music streams and live events.
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