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Monstercat: Pushing boundaries in live programming

To deliver dynamic live programming in today's fast-evolving digital space, Monstercat uses StreamPush to stay ahead of the curve.

Monstercat is one of music’s most influential independent record labels. With electronic music at its core, the Vancouver-based label has grown to support artists across multiple genres over the last decade.

In December 2014, the label was among the first to start a 24/7 channel. The channel has evolved over time and now features a variety of live programming. In 2020, Monstercat held the global title for the largest music channel on Twitch.

The channel features custom animated videos, live performances, music videos and dynamic onscreen artist socials linked to each song in rotation.

Monstercat joined StreamPush in November 2020 and is now broadcasting their 24/7 channel to an expanding outlet of destinations including  Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, VK, Huya, Netease and Mixcloud Live to name a few.

Channel: Monstercat Silk. Watch on YouTube

“Partnering with StreamPush has enabled Monstercat to deliver dynamic live programming while staying ahead of the curve in today's fast-evolving digital space. With customization, automation, and stability at the core of our 24/7 content, StreamPush has helped us to maximize those key drivers to success. We're excited to continue pushing boundaries in live programming with the forward-thinking team at StreamPush.”

Dan Scarcelli
Dan Scarcelli
Head of Live Programming, Monstercat

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