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StreamPush® helps record labels to boost YouTube performance
while promoting and monetizing their catalog via custom 24/7 live streams.

StreamPush is a revolutionary solution for running multiple 24/7 music channels across the likes of YouTube and Twitch. StreamPush gives you the freedom to play a non-stop mix of audio and video content via scheduled playlists. And, your streams will always look great as StreamPush is capable of generating visuals for audio-only content based on branded custom templates.

StreamPush: next-level music channel live streaming

24/7 music channels boost your label's YouTube performance. The key reason is that YouTube prioritizes the visibility and promotion of live streams and ranks channels with longer average viewing times higher. With this increased visibility and channel viewing time, labels can expand their influence and generate a higher source of revenue.

StreamPush's flexibility enables content owners to monetize music channels by conveniently setting the frequency of mid-roll commercial breaks per hour.

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“Choosing StreamPush was a decision that set Defected Records apart. Known as the best in the business, StreamPush met all our needs and more. Thanks to their easy-to-use interface and the option to stream both live and on-demand content, we've been running a 24/7 music stream on YouTube and Twitch smoothly and without hassle for over two years. We've garnered over a million live views yearly, a testament to their robust and reliable service. The team has been quick to assist, making StreamPush a crucial part of our streaming success.”

Chris Davies
Chris Davies
Head of Defected Broadcasting House
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Catalog management

StreamPush is configured to easily handle catalog management and delivery. Besides being a DSP on FUGA, Sony Music, IDOL, Label Worx, Kontor New Media and AMPsuite, it also accepts content uploads via the international DDEX standard. StreamPush supports metadata rich imported content with its expandable custom tags, to flexibly adjust to variations within playlists. Music videos are also supported and StreamPush automatically adheres to content takedowns and specified release dates.

Multiple channels can be run from the same catalog.

Import your catalog and keep it up to date with ease

Monetize your channels by choosing the amount of mid-roll commercial breaks per hour

Intuitive track list tool


Our extensive radio management experience has enabled us to create a scheduling solution that’s both intuitive for novice users and also meets the demands of broadcast professionals.

A calendar based system allows users to schedule tailored playlists for defined moments or on repetitive basis. You'll never have to worry about your channel going silent as StreamPush will always fallback to your default playlist content. New/repeat playlists can be set to kick off at the top of the hour or whenever a final playlist track ends.

Schedule dynamic playlists and drop into live source content at will

“When we launched the channel and saw so many fans starting discussing together, joining every day, and connecting through the stream chat, it was so cool and unexpected! More than a video platform, it is a space for the community to share their passion and discover new artists. We definitely want to keep growing the channel and upload new videos as the beast must be fed! More to come!”

Tiffany Cantegrel
Tiffany Cantegrel
Head of Marketing, Nuclear Blast


Playlists can be tailored to contain the content of your choosing, and you can also use the smart tracks feature to automatically play tracks matching specified filters. For example, set StreamPush to pick a track in the ‘deep house’ genre or tracks released within the previous month on a particular label. Or, select a track with a music video, maybe a track tagged ‘vocal’ or just pick a multiple of ‘high rotation’ tracks to propagate one playlist. Any playlist can be automatically looped, so there’s no need to create them as a specific length.

Playlists can be synced with a Spotify playlist, and a custom background image or video can be set.

Run your own non-stop music TV channels on the leading video streaming platforms

Intuitive track list tool

Peace of Mind

Our founders are well trusted and respected names with over 25 years combined experience working within the music and tech environment. They have a deep understanding of the music industry. StreamPush is tailored to the industry's specific requirements. Reliability and constant innovation are core principles of our operation.

StreamPush runs on bespoke hardware fitted specifically to run its GPU-intensive tasks. As StreamPush operates from the Cloud, it is independent of your IT infrastructure.

All StreamPush channels are monitored 24/7. Silence-detection and auto-recovery mechanisms are in place. Our engineers are instantly notified of any potential issues.

Uploaded content is automatically optimized to ensure smooth streaming. There is no need to convert your content manually.

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Reliability and constant innovation are core principles of our operation

Intuitive track list tool

Video Assets

Aside from catalog audio content you can also upload your valuable video assets to StreamPush. Use this content to add a promo or a teaser to a playlist, or broadcast pre-recorded performances at a specific time of your choosing.

Mix Content

DJ mixes can be uploaded in both audio and video. Add the tracklist with the start time of each track, and the now-playing information will be updated accordingly.


Our chatbot helps to keep the conversation going. It allows fans to request a link to the currently playing track on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. Or provide them with links to your socials and webshop.

StreamPush has a unique advantage in effectively fighting chat spam. It takes just one spam message for a spammer to be blocked on all channels in our network proactively.

We also integrate with bots like Nightbot to further automate your live stream's chat moderation.

Switch to live

When you’re ready to live stream an artist performance etc. you can preview the signal before you switch the content to the channels of your choice.


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