Content delivery via DDEX and FTP

Experience the ease and convenience of delivering your back catalogue and new releases to StreamPush. Our seamless integration with your label distribution software, coupled with our support for FTP, ensures a fast and hassle-free content delivery process.

Content features at a glance:

Multiple delivery options: Choose from DDEX, FTP, or direct browser uploads for flexibility and ease

High-quality streaming: Automatic transcoding guarantees your content is stream-ready, delivering high-quality audio and video to your fans

Metadata mastery: From automatic ID3 reading to our Spotify metadata integration, your tracks are always ready for maximum exposure

Uploading your back catalogue and new releases to StreamPush is possible in different ways. StreamPush supports DDEX, FTP, and manual uploads to deliver your content. We support delivery of audio (releases) and video (music videos, assets). All content is automatically transcoded to ensure optimal playback quality during live streaming. StreamPush is a DSP with multiple distribution solutions, and connecting with a new distributor is done free of charge to help you automate deliveries as much as possible.

Delivery via DDEX, FTP or manual

The preferred delivery method is DDEX, the international protocol for exchanging data and information. We're a DSP on FUGA, Sony Music, IDOL, Label Worx, AMPsuite, and Kontor New Media. Content delivery to StreamPush becomes part of your existing delivery workflow to platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. StreamPush automatically ingests all metadata and adheres to content takedowns and updates, so your catalog is always up to date.

FTP (file transfer protocol) is another way to deliver your content to our backend. This means secure and lightning-fast uploads, no matter the file size. FTP lets you upload files in bulk, which is especially useful for delivering your back catalogue or multiple large files.

Finally, we also support browser uploads, so you can manually upload any audio or video file to use in your stream—just drag and drop. With our Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box integrations, you can deliver content directly without downloading any files to your computer.

Automagic transcoding and metadata enrichment

Rest assured about the quality of your content with StreamPush. Our automagic transcoding process ensures all your content is optimized for live streaming, eliminating the need for video software or waiting for slow content re-renders. Your fans will enjoy your music videos in all their high-definition glory!

Unlock the full potential of your stream template with StreamPush's comprehensive metadata extraction and enrichment process. We store all metadata delivered via DDEX and extract as much information as possible from uploaded files (ID3, for example). Our Spotify integration ensures any missing metadata (like genre, label, or release date) is added to your tracks. We also enrich tracks with additional metadata like BPM, key, and energy level. Even tracks uploaded via FTP or the browser, with very little or missing metadata, will be automatically completed by our advanced metadata enrichment system. Say goodbye to tedious copy-and-paste work!


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