Livestream to platforms like YouTube and Twitch

Stream to YouTube, Twitch, NetEase, Mixcloud, Icecast, or any other platform that supports live streaming. Amplify your reach by streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Platform destination features at a glance:

Seamless integration: connect your YouTube channel or Twitch account and start streaming with a few clicks

Enhanced monetization: multiply your ad revenue by enabling mid-roll ads

Uptime monitoring: all platforms are automatically monitored to ensure uninterrupted broadcasting

StreamPush offers a flexible solution with a centralized dashboard to manage and control your 24/7 music live streams, even when concurrently streaming to multiple platforms or channels. With API integrations for YouTube and Twitch, you can access basic analytics, enhanced monetization options, and additional security all in one place. Streaming to multiple platforms is a great way to repurpose and cross-promote your back catalogue.

Stream to multiple platforms

Streams are rendered 24/7 in real-time and can be streamed simultaneously to one or more platforms. How about reaching your fans on YouTube and Twitch at the same time? Or running an additional audio-only stream via Icecast to kick-off your own radio station? Manage your livestreams via our intuitive dashboard, which gives you complete control over your live feed and a seamless content experience across platforms. StreamPush operates from the Cloud and is independent of your IT infrastructure.

Monetize via our YouTube and Twitch API integrations

StreamPush's flexibility enables content owners to monetize music streams by conveniently setting the frequency of mid-roll commercial breaks per hour. StreamPush has an API integration with YouTube and Twitch, which can drive new monetization strategies. Multiply your ad revenue with mid-roll ads or temporary hide ads during a specific event.

With our advanced platform API integrations, sharing private stream keys is no longer necessary. Keep your stream keys confidential and secure to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Audio-only stream in the Defected app

The 24/7 Defected Broadcasting House live stream is also available as an audio-only stream in the Defected app and website. To make this work, Defected uses the Icecast destination to stream an audio-only live feed from StreamPush to their Icecast server. StreamPush dynamically updates the ’Now playing’ track metadata to Icecast, which is visible in the app as well, and stores the Icecast concurrent listeners statistics for further analysis.

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Listen to the audio-only stream in the Defected app

Monitoring around the clock

Experience the ease of mind knowing that all your streams are continuously monitored to ensure uninterrupted broadcasting. Our YouTube API and Twitch API integrations provide an additional level of monitoring, detecting drops in concurrent viewcounts and stream ingestion quality on the destination platform. Silence-detection and auto-recovery mechanisms are in place. Our engineers are instantly notified of any potential issues. StreamPush is built to meet the industry's specific requirements, with reliability and constant innovation as our core principles.


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