Monetize your 24/7 live streams

Maximize your live stream earnings with our API integrations with YouTube and Twitch.

Monetization features at a glance:

Seamless integration: simply connect your YouTube channel and Twitch account to unlock additional monetization features

Enhanced monetization: effectively multiply your live stream ad revenue with mid-roll ads

Increase your live stream earnings via the API integrations with YouTube and Twitch. Trigger mid-roll ads to multiply your revenue on live streams. StreamPush's flexibility enables content owners to monetize music channels by conveniently setting the frequency of mid-roll commercial breaks per hour. Connecting your YouTube channel to StreamPush makes all monetization features available in a couple of clicks.

Mid-roll ads in live streams

Apart from a single pre-roll ad before the live stream starts, users normally won't see any additional ads. Even when they are tuned in for multiple hours. With mid-roll ads, you can trigger ads during the broadcast, effectively multiplying your ad revenue. StreamPush integrates with the YouTube API and Twitch API to support advanced monetization options offered by both platforms.

YouTube Super Chat & Super Stickers for Live Chat

Enhance your channel's profitability with Super Chat and Super Stickers through the YouTube Partner Program. These dynamic features allow viewers to purchase highlighted messages in live chat, which can also be pinned to the top of the chat feed for greater visibility.

Mid-roll ads and pre-roll ads

A pre-roll ad is showed once to eligible viewers before the live stream starts. These ads are viewable on mobile devices and desktops. Pre-roll ads are automatically turned on for live streams. Mid-roll ads run during the live stream, and can be automatically inserted at a set interval via StreamPush. Using mid-roll ads can multiply your live stream ad revenue, as users watch streams for a long period of time. All ads are handled natively by YouTube and Twitch.


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